Bride-To-Be: Ashley Arrington, 24, Master of Social Work Student at the University of Michigan

Groom-to Be: Kevin Blas, 26, Medical Student at the University of Michigan

Wedding Date: May 12, 2012

Love 101
Sometimes unintentional run-ins are really blessings in the making. This was the case with Ashley and Kevin, college sweethearts who met when they were both residents in the same dorm on campus. Their first date, an intimate talk over dinner during restaurant week in the city, blossomed into much more than the couple ever expected.

“He was always laughing and smiling, but was also very dependable if I ever needed anything,” Ashley shares. “We are very fond of our first summer as a couple and the romance we shared during that time. We took many strolls around campus, enjoyed summer festivals, went to late-night movies, and (our favorite) had many long conversations over delicious crepes at a little cafe.”

Ashley was smitten, and before she even realized it, he had swept her off her feet. He was The One.

Future in the Making
It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Ashley and Kevin laid in bed talking about plans for the future before he ran off to do a “quick errand”. Ashley fell back asleep. She woke up to an unforgettable moment.

“He said he was leaving to run an errand so I decided to take a quick nap. The next thing I saw when I opened my eyes was a little blue box on my pillow and him kneeling beside me! After delivering a heart-melting speech, he waited for my response, but he had forgotten one important question, ‘Will you marry me?’ Instead he said, ‘Take the ring!’ and though he was a man of few words, he still left me speechless!”

She was ecstatic, and so are we! Share their love!

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