Fresh out of a tumultuous marriage, singer Jill Scott is letting future suitors know that they better come correct in order to get in on her ‘Golden’ heart.

Scott, 41, took to Instagram to post her love lessons learned from past relationships, which include knowing her worth and never dating a man solely for his potential again – which many fans saw as a nod to her ex Michael Dobson, who she described in divorce papers as a “mooch.”

Scott reposted these meme, for the ladies, which highlights a list of dating standards. The caption read, “For you. For me. For US. Love You. #beenontheotherside #fdatsht #yourtime #dontwasteit.” Many of Scott’s followers responded with resounding praise for the post, offering up their own dating rules and experiences too. One follower’s message caught the attention of the singer personally.

“@heavensent8The truth is right in front of you at all times 👍🏾”

The Philly native responded with a prayer that we all need to heed, “@missjillscott@heavensent8 like a flashing light. Pray for sight and the wisdom to acknowledge it in full.”

Scott went on add more insight into the type of men she won’t be dating in the future. “Note – Your standards are not everyone else’s. I won’t do Uncle Daddies – the ones that call every now and then; who see their children a few times a year. THAT is one I just don’t respect. Lack of respect is a dry bobby. I prefer a juicy existence. Ya dig? Or someone who is disrespectful to their parents. Nor can I do broke/broken yet comfortable. Nah. Write YOUR list. Sometimes it’s better to know what you don’t want.”

Amen Jill, amen.

Ladies, what’s on your dating rules list?