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Janet Jackson, my girl pleasure principle, who announced that she would be releasing new music and going on a world tour this year. Yolanda. How epic of a comeback is this? First of all, did you hear the video where she was like "I have heard you, and I have listened." And I was like yes [CROSSTALK]. It was so good. It was so good. I think though, Janet always brings a moment, whenever she comes back on tour there's always a movement, remember when we had rhythm nation and we were all like military And the velvet rope. Can't forget the velvet ropes story. Okay, so whenever she comes back I still feel like there's a lane for Janet. And I think it's going to be really exciting. Yeah. And I hope. [LAUGH] And you what? What if she goes to Essence Festival? Ooh. Oh my gosh, that would be so much fun. Way to put it out there. Miss my eyebrow and my wink. Yeah, yeah, we need to like, wink, wink. Yeah. I think it'll be amazing. I'm interested in seeing who she might collaborate with. Yeah. What type of sound she's gonna bring back. I know she's gonna have nothing but fierce choreography. Yeah. She's always an amazing performer so I really can't wait to see that. And whatever song was playing in the announcement, I was like, I want to here that song. It could be a sneak peek. Maybe. I don't know, we'll have to check it out. [NOISE]

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Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana plan to raise their 3-month-old son, Eissa, together despite their recent split – but experts tell PEOPLE that the pair’s cultural differences may affect their co-parenting.

One religious expert says that it’s “not really possible” for the parents to raise Eissa as both a Jehovah’s Witness (which Jackson grew up in but said she didn’t identify with) and a Muslim (Al Mana’s religion).

“The children issue is always the biggest issue,” Dr. Rita George-Tvrtkovic, a theology professor at Illinois’ Benedictine University, tells PEOPLE.

The pop star and the Qatari businessman wed in 2012. News of their breakup broke earlier this month, with a source telling PEOPLE that the separation happened shortly after Eissa was born in January.

George-Tvrtkovic says co-parenting would be “a lot easier” if Jackson and Al Mana decided on just one faith to raise the child under. And this could be the case, as a source told PEOPLE that Jackson often tried to adjust to her husband’s culture.

“For years, Janet tried to adapt to his culture. Since it’s not a culture she grew up with, it’s been challenging for her. She often felt she disappointed Wissam,” the source previously explained. “The cultural differences between her and Wissam became even more obvious [after Eissa arrived]. They come from very different worlds.”

The expert adds that the fact that the family lives in London makes the religious aspect of their divorce and custody matters much simpler.

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“If this couple was in a Muslim country then it would be totally different, the rules of co-parenting would be different,” George-Tvrtkovic says. “But in England the laws are very secular and they probably won’t have many problems.”

One source says, however, that legal matters regarding custody may become tricky if Jackson decides to live in the U.S.

“It’s a tough situation when you’ve got somebody like Janet Jackson, her home is the United States — ideal place to bring up a child,” Paul Wright, an English barrister (who is not representing Jackson or Al Mana) tells PEOPLE. “But you don’t want to harm the husband.”

Wright notes that the U.K. court system tries to “involve both parents on an equal as possible basis.”

He adds: “The courts want both of the parents involved in the child’s life. The child’s best interest is paramount.”

Wright says the matter of income could come into play in the event of a custody battle. However, that may not be a huge concern as both Al Mana and Jackson have both amassed personal fortunes.

Al Mana is reportedly worth $1 billion and a celebrity estate attorney tells PEOPLE that Jackson is likely worth up to $250 million.

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