#HurtBae Appears On The Steve Harvey Show
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Remember the #HurtBae couple who went viral last month after they candidly discussed infidelity? Well, they’re back. Only this time, they sat down with TV host, comedian and author, Steve Harvey who calls himself “The CLO: Chief Love Officer.”

The two exes, who awkwardly sat next to one another on the couch, opened up about The Scene produced video that hit nearly 20 million views. Shortly after the video was shared, social media gave them the nickname “Hurt Bae.”

The former Spelman and Morehouse students shared how they met on an elevator their freshman year in college and eventually how things began to fall apart. 

“I was young … I let Courtney know that I wasn’t looking for anything too serious. I just wanted to do my own thing,” 23-year-old Leonard told Harvey. However, as he made that statement, the dumbfounded look on Courtney’s face said otherwise. 

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“He was like my first love,” Courtney said about her and her ex who once lived together in New York City. 

After Harvey asked Leonard about him saying on the video that he “wasn’t counting,” Leonard asked the audience “do you guys count how many; what do you guys do?” 

“Any number I gave would not have make it any better… I was just taking accountability for what I did and I’m growing from it.”

“That was the end of that… I’ve moved on,” Courtney said. 

Later on in the episode, Leonard joined a “Man Up” panel alongside other men including Harvey to discuss cheating in relationships. The panel of men took questions from the audience including commonly asked questions like “is it true that once you’re a cheater, you’re always a cheater?” 

Throughout the discussion, the men shared how women shouldn’t feel insecure after a man cheats on you and that often times cheating is just an “outlet” and “release.” 

“It almost certainly has nothing to do with you. That’s the ugliness of cheating,” Harvey said. 

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