How To Use Energy Healing To Manifest A Great Love
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Go within to get ready for romance with tips from contributor Zya.

Somewhere between entering into arranged marriages and swiping right on Tinder, some of us have lost our way to realizing an abundance of romantic love. As an energy healer and the founder of, I’ve discovered common barriers that stop people from connecting as well as spiritual tools that help to usher in the divine healthy relationships we all seek.

Explore energy healing with a special focus on your heart chakra.

The same way we cleanse our bodies, we must also purify our spirits. The state of your heart chakra, one of your body’s spiritual centers, is crucial to you being able to receive and give affection. When it is blocked, it’s harder for us to love ourselves and trust others. Try Reiki, which is a form of energy healing that helps clear the chakras.


Ever thought about a friend or family member and then they called? Well, you most likely have an invisible etheric cord that connects your chakras and aura to theirs and those of other people in your life. That’s great when you’re in the enamored phase but not ideal after a split. This is when I recommend that clients cut cords with their past lover. Here’s how:

1 Set the intention that you wish to no longer be attached to that person in any way.

2 Disengage completely—that means nixing all forms of communication, especially social media. Be sure to remove your ex’s number from your phone.

3 Give thanks for the relationship. No matter what happened, you learned something from this association about yourself, your needs and your boundaries.


Treat yourself to a decorative baby pink candle, which will be your “love manifesting candle.” Slip your handwritten must-haves under it and light that wick.


Another good practice is to record in your journal what you want in a lover, including your emotional needs. Here’s a fill-in-the-blank template to follow:

I am seeking the healthy, whole, divine love that seeks me.

In my romantic life partner, the following qualities are important to me (for example: emotionally supportive, motivated, upbeat, loving): ____________, ____________, ____________.

In return I will bring the following qualities to the relationship _________, ________,________.

I am clear that we will help each other grow mentally, emotionally and physically, but I ask that these life lessons be undertaken with compassion, love, integrity, mutual respect and harmonious intentions.

Thank you, Universe, for already providing us with our divine love.


(It’s vital that you sign your name.)

Consider a session with an empath-centered psychic.

To facilitate growth, you can focus on revisiting your past life, removing energy blockages and nullifying any soul contracts—nonformal pacts that we make with ourselves regarding life lessons before our birth.


Wear crystals as pendants or perhaps place them inside your bra or on your bedside table. Try rose quartz, the love manifesting stone; rhodochrosite, the crystal for healing childhood wounds; or ruby rose for strengthening the heart.


We are what we think, believe and repeat to ourselves. Use your inner voice for good and get in the habit of chanting a daily mantra to show love both for yourself and the partner you’re looking for. Start with these three:

“I deserve love and I get it in abundance.”

“Love and forgiveness is the foundation of every relationship.”

“In all my relationships, with my parents, my life partner or my friends, I only give love and seek love.”

This article originally appeared in the February 2018 issue of ESSENCE magazine