5 Easy Ways to Flirt With Your Future Bae
JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images

For some, flirting is like second nature. For others, however, it’s not so easy letting your crush know he or she has you all in your feels. Whether you want to send a flirty text to your potential boo or you’re hoping to start a conversation in person, here are five easy things you can do to get bae’s attention without embarrassing yourself.

1. Follow them on social media

Double-tapping their photos on the ‘Gram or checking out their stories on Snapchat will definitely put bae on notice that you’re interested.

2. Say it with an emoji

Why not let the emojis do all the talking? You don’t have to send them the eggplant or peach emoji to get their attention—leaving a kissy face or heart-eyes emoji in their comments says it all.

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3. Ask your crush to hang out with you and your BFFs

Headed to a party or gathering with your besties? Invite bae to kick it with you and your squad. Hanging out in a group setting puts less pressure on you to ask your crush out for an intimate, one-on-one date.

4. Let bae catch you looking at them

Try to lock eyes with your crush for a second, smile and then immediately look away. Hopefully, when you look up again, they’ll still be staring at you. This subtle eye contact sends the message that you’re open to being approached.

5. Tease them

One way to connect and show interest is to gently tease your crush. For example, if your potential boo is a big fan of a sports team, jokingly tease bae when they lose.