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10 Ways To Feel Sexier Than Ever Before...Tonight!

No one can unlock your inner vixen quite like you can. Here's how!
10 Ways To Feel Sexier Than Ever Before…Tonight!
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So you didn’t feel your sexiest in 2016. No worries. The new year is still fresh and there’s no better time than now to get more in touch with your sexy side. And, the best part is that you don’t need a hot lover handy to help you do it. Not sure where to start? It’s easier than you think. Our in-house sexpert and Intimacy Intervention columnist, SacredBombshell.com founder Abiola Abrams, shares the tips and tricks you need right now to unleash your inner goddess all by yourself!

Walk Around Naked

“Sexy may appear to be an external game, but feeling sexy really is an inside job,” says Abiola. “Feeling sexy requires confidence and feeling comfortable with your body. Start walking around in your home naked, just because, whether you have a partner or not. If you have kids, send them to grandma’s and have Naked Weekends. This is a great way to reconnect with your bodacious body and your bombshell beauty. Reveling in your curves awakens your sacral chakra, the seat of your sexual energy. Wink at yourself every time you pass a mirror. Blow kisses at your naked body and appreciate your physical gifts.”

Treat Yourself to a Pedicure

Doing the little things to treat yourself always help amp up your sexy. Soak your feet at home, grab a great color–one that’s outside your comfort zone–and paint away. Rocking a new shade can help you exude a new level of confidence and the feeling will help your inner goddess glow!

Strut in a Sexy Pair of Shoes

Nothing says sexy like a strut in a killer pair of high heels! Even if you’re just walking around your house, throw on a shoe that gives you the confidence to channel your inner Naomi Campbell and work it on a runway. Practicing your stride in the shoe will help you stand a little taller, better your posture and your sex appeal will kick in in no time.

Rub in the Sexy

“As black women, we happily need to use a lot of lotion,” Abiola adds. “Don’t consider the moments where you oil or lotion your skin to be boring everyday habits. Every time you rub lotion or oil on your skin, have a mini creative visualization that you are rubbing in the sexy. You can even talk to yourself as you do it! Who cares if it seems odd? We don’t think it’s weird when we use our words to criticize ourselves, right? As you rub on the lotion, praise your sexiness and your body. Try “look how sexy you are today, beautiful. You are just straight up hot…” Throw on your favorite sexy music and make this a daily thing. We like Beyonce’s “Partition.” Yes!”

Dance Around in your Underwear

After you’ve lathered up for the evening, grab a pair of underwear from your drawer, throw on your favorite sweater or t-shirt and dance in your living room as your favorite song plays. Seriously! Dancing will help get your endorphins going, hearing a song that brings you joy will help you smile and the confidence of moving your body in something that makes you feel good will have you feeling liberated and free. Get your sexy on, girl!

Wear a Bold New Lip Color

You may just be going to work, but how you look often impacts how you feel. If you have a case of the Mondays or know you might struggle through a long work day, throw on a great lip color that you save for a special occasion. Sneak peeks of yourself throughout the day, snap a selfie as a memento and remember to smile. The confidence you feel will only increase your sexy and on the hardest of days, sometimes that’s what you need to help get you to the finish line!

Transform Your Bedroom Into a Boudoir

“Anybody can have a bedroom, but only a love goddess can have a boudoir,” Abrams shares. “Transform your entire sleeping chamber into an enchanted space of sexiness. Give your bedroom a sexy makeover, from silk sheets to enticing scents. When you open your bedroom door, step into your love goddess alter ego. Become your most enchanted sexual and sensual self.”

Spray Your Favorite Perfume

Adding an extra special scent can help your sexy more than you know. If you’re not used to wearing perfume every day, spray a little as soon as you get out of the shower while your pores are still open. Be sure to hit all the right spots–behind your ears, in your hair, inside your elbows and at your pulse points, in your cleavage and in between your thighs. The fragrance will linger during the day while you’re active the subtle sniffs will help active your sexy in even the simplest of ways.

Have Some Solo Bedroom Fun

No one knows you quite like you do! Celebrate yourself by having some fun with yourself. Add a sex toy to your night time routine and give yourself the pleasure you deserve. You’ll wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, a little bit sexier and ready for a brand new day!

Abiola Abrams is the author of the award-winning “Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love.” Follow Abiola on Instagram @abiolaTV.