How Making the First Move Led Marsha Ambrosius to Love
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When it comes to love, singer Marsha Ambrosius has always lived by her own rules. That’s why when she first laid eyes on her now husband, Dez Billups, there was no hesitation in what her next step should be. And, Marsha credits that bold move with leading her to a happiness unlike anything she knew before. The nine-time Grammy nominee first met Dez during the 2015 Floetry reunion tour in Cleveland when he was working as a roadie. According to a recent interview with ABC Radio, after noticing his swag, the singer decided to make the first move and strike up a conversation. “I was just going to be as forthcoming as I’ve always been and decide to ask him out on a date. Well, not a date. Just to go get something to eat and he obliged and we’ve haven’t been apart since.”
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Ambrosius recalls the pair went out to a fast-food restaurant where they “walked through the drive thru and sat there outside on a couple of park benches and a little table and just talked about love, and life, and our dreams, and goals, aspirations, our faith, spirituality. Just you name it. Putting everything on the table and we’ve haven’t been apart since July 15 of 2015.” For Ambrosius, it has been Butterflies ever since, and the couple welcomed their daughter, Nyla, whose name is also the title of the singer’s new album, in 2016, and one year later, Marsha and Dez were married. Now with her new album Nyla on the way, the songstress is putting the essence of that magical night, and every night since, into her music, expressing that the album reflects both “the love for my daughter and the absolute lust it took to create the initial conversation with the man who is now my husband.”  


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