It’s never a bad idea to find new ways to peak between the sheets. A healthy sexy life can strengthen your bond, and spicing this up doesn’t have to cost you anything. The secret can be as simple as introducing an item you already have handy into the mix! Our in-house sexpert and Intimacy Intervention columnist, founder Abiola Abrams, suggests where to start.

1. Coconut Oil

“Sure coconut oil keeps our hair and popcorn popping, but it can also ramp up your sexy time,” said Abiola. “You can use it as a massage oil – it smells divine. You can use it as a healthy and organic edible oil because why not. However, we do not recommend using coconut oil as a natural lubricant. It breaks down latex condoms and hasn’t been approved by the FDA for this usage.”

2. His Tie

No handcuffs? No worries! Grab a tie from his closet and make it work! To make it even better, pick a tie that he loves, or one you love to see him wear, to kick the experience up a notch. An added bonus? The tie can also be used as a blindfold for a heightened sexual moment neither one of you will forget! 

3. A Chair

The bedroom isn’t the only place to have some fun! Grab a chair and get it going. Use the prop to help execute multiple positions that will be satisfying for both you and your partner. 

4. Spatula

Channel you inner 50 shades of grey if that’s what you’re into and get to business! Hit the kitchen (pun intended) for a rubber or silicone spatula for the ultimate effect. 

5. Ice Cubes

Incorporating ice cubes into your sexual experience is always a good idea. Whether you’re using it to sensually rub it down your partner’s body, or popping it in your mouth for a great oral sex surprise, a little frozen H2O can go a long way in the bedroom. 

6. Phone Timer

“I’m not suggesting you use your phone as a sex toy, although if that works for you, um, go for it!,” Abiola shares. “I’m saying set a timer. If you and your partner usually just jump in and go routine, a timer can help you move away from that. Maybe you set the timer for 20 minutes and there can’t be any kind of penetration until the little bell rings, pun definitely intended. You can also grab a quickie by saying, we only have 3 minutes, GO! Try adding time by planning to be engaged with each others body parts for 60 minutes… Oooh! Explore.”

Abiola Abrams is the author of the award-winning “Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love.” Follow Abiola on Instagram @abiolaTV.

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