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6 Dope Ways To Announce Your Engagement On Social Media

6 Dope Ways To Announce Your Engagement On Social Media
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‘Tis the season to put a ring on it.

As Christmas inches its way closer, one thing is certain. Your social media feeds will be full of engagement rings and annoucements galore. After all of the phone calls to immediate family and close friends have been made, most couples can’t wait for an actual paper announcement to be ordered, printed, delivered and mailed out before telling the masses. (And who can blame them?) Thank goodness for social feeds, which make it super easy to announce your engagement to 794 of your closest friends and family members.

How will you share the big news? Here are  four fun and exciting ways that other couples announced their engagement for inspiration. And remember, keep that manicure ready, ladies!

1.    The Heartfelt Video Testimonial

Joel Jovaine made a gorgeous video featuring his love Kiffra Soloman, smiling, skipping and just exuding Black girl magic over a beautifully recited poem about how much he loves her. The ring makes an appearance about halfway through the video and it’s perfect.

2.    The “Oh-you-thought-this-was-another-vacation-picture” Post

While on vacation in Punta Cana, Joseph A. Young popped the question to Myrina Booker. Vacation adventure after vacation adventure was posted and then came the stunning photo of Joseph on his knee asking Myrina to marry him with the stunning beach as their backdrop.

3.    The Praise-Break

I love a good caption that breaks down how thankful someone is to have found their partner. Dr. Dominique Gales shared a photo of her and her fiance, Angelo Badea, dripping with Black love. “Do you know what it feels like for someone to love you unconditionally and selflessly?” You have to read the full caption to go all the way to church!

4.    A Mock Magazine Cover

Yazmin McNair and Don VanHorn, Jr. created an Instagram handle to announce their engagement, with a mock magazine cover, and document their planning process.

5.    “Bride To Be” Swag Alert

Sometimes it’s a mug that says, “Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged?” or a t-shirt, but to switch it up, Alexis Johnson chose a “Bride to Be” tiara to announce her engagement to fiance, Kyle West.

6.    Go Best Friend! That’s My Best Friend!

There is no one who will have your back the hardest when you’re sad or happy than your best friend. I love when a bride’s best friend shouts their love and support from the rooftops! @Coc0_Mahogany posted the video of her best friend @tasche.sopretty being proposed to by her love @k3lz_.

Congratulations to all of the newly engaged couples out there, and cheers to love!