50 Cent’s tweet that suggested that men who don’t go downtown should commit suicide created quite a conversation among our Facebook friends. Aside from thinking 50 was too crass, many ladies mentioned that stereotypically, brothers don’t go down. We had to disagree. We rounded up a bunch of fellas who like to perform oral sex. They told us why pleasing their women gives them the biggest rise:

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I Think I’m Pretty Good At It

“Oral sex pleases women, right? I like pleasing women. I want to watch her go crazy. It’s arousing to me if she’s really into it. I’ve been performing oral sex for a long time. I think I’m pretty good at it. Sometimes I’ll do it until she climaxes other times I’ll break it up a little bit, so I can take a break and not come. Every sexual experience I have with a woman is different. I think in sex there’s a lot of hypocrisy among men and I really don’t agree with that. I try not to deprive. If you don’t go down, then there’s going to be someone else that might do it and take your lady. I’ve done it. As far as the stereotypes that Black men don’t go down goes—I personally don’t know many men who don’t do it.”

I Was Guilty Of Not Performing Oral Sex

“I was guilty of not performing oral sex. I didn’t necessarily believe in it, I had to learn how to reciprocate. There is a feeling a woman has when her partner goes down on her. It gives her some sort of confidence in knowing how willing her man is to do whatever it takes sexually. Depemding on how the woman reacts, performing oral sex will give me a rise.”
—Kemdi, 25, Washington, D.C.

It’s A Power Thing

“I work in energy. The vagina is a power center and there are a lot of pressure points around the clitoris. It’s very relaxing for the receiver and it’s relaxing and invigorating for me. It brings me a lot of pleasure to do that to someone that I have an affinity towards and a connection with. It’s also a power thing. If you know what you’re doing down there, then you have a lot of power. I enjoy the whole area. I like to lick everything. I want a woman to just be thinking about me going down and her and getting aroused when I’m not there.”
—Anthony, 44, Oakland, California

Women Are Like Diesel Engines

“I just want the woman to enjoy herself. Women are like diesel engines. They need to be warmed up first before you go into operation. If you make a woman’s experience a lot more pleasurable, she’ll make your experience much more pleasurable. A woman really appreciates when you know how to treat her body. I like to get in-tune with the woman. I try to listen to what she likes and what she doesn’t like. I like the temperature to go all the way up until she’s damn-near going to pop. I love to make a woman climax before intercourse because then I don’t have any performance anxiety and once you get rid of that performance anxiety, your performance enhances.”
—Toure, 40 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It’s About Equal Enjoyment

“I think in the 90s and the early 2000s there was that stigma that you’re not a man if you do that. I’ve never had a problem with that. Sexuality shouldn’t have your ego assigned to it. It should be about equal enjoyment and fun. I like to have an exciting uninhibited time. I jenjoy delivering that much pleasure. Part of my fun comes from knocking her socks off. I enjoy the fact that I can come with it. My level of openness and willingness to do a variety of things is contagious.”
—Andrew 32, Los Angeles, California

It’s A Power Thing

“To be honest I didn’t start doing it until I got to the age of 25. I still feel like I’m a newbie. I like the fact that it pleases my partner. I pretty much get aroused any time I do it. It’s the reaction that I get from my partner. The fact that it’s soft and the way it looks is very sensual.” 
—Deshawn, 30, Brooklyn, New York

I Like The Movement Of Her Thighs Around My Ears

“I just think it’s an essential part of foreplay. You get to hear and feel the reaction of the woman. It’s very sensual. I can’t imagine sex without it. I enjoy it because she enjoys it. It feels good with the movement of her thighs around my ears.” 
—David, 31, Newark, New Jersey

I Want To Make Her See Stars

“I’m really thrilled by women. The ability to be able to please a woman in many different ways is what thrills me. I am excited by my ability to be well skilled and get her off and give her wondrous orgasms. almost every woman is different, so that’s what keeps me entertained. Every woman has her own different scent and flavor. 

About 95 percent of the time, I make sure that she reaches a climax before we have sex. I want to make her see stars.I want to make sure that she always remembers me in a positive light. My goal is the experience. I want it to be an oral adventure. As opposed to reaching the finish line, I’m trying to go on the journey.”
—Weldon, 33, Oakland, California


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