1. On a typical Friday night you are…      a. Catching up on extra work      b. Hanging out at a new hotspot with your friends      c. Kicking it in a casual setting 2. When you vacation, you’d rather…      a. Splurge on a luxurious hotel suite with all of the best ammenities      b. Be close to the best art galleries, nightlife and restaurants      c. Skip the fancy hotels and go for a more authentic experience 3. Your go-to summer drink is…      a. A cold glass of sparkling rose      b. A tart and sweet specialty cocktail      c. A well made craft beer 4. As a lover you are…      a. Spontaneous      b. An exhibitionist      c. Sensual Done? Time to find your score… For every a=1 point For every b=2 points For every c=3 points Add your points to find your Spring Fling Fantasy.   You scored 4 to 6 points — Pool Side Passion: You’ve cried over your big breakup for a month and the tears are finally starting to dry up. So, your girlfriends decide it’s time for a wild weekend getaway to help you feel like you again. You have your assistant clear your schedule for the next few days, pack your bags and head to South Beach, Miami. You’re staying at the Fontainbleau, right on Collins Ave., baby. Upon your arrival, you and your girls dance up a storm at the chicest hot spots in SoBe. You try to sleep in the next morning, but you’re unable to. So you decide to lounge near the pool with a mimosa and wait for your friends to rouse. You stretch out and scan the poolside for a waiter to order your beverage from. Found him! That perfectly oiled chest glistening in the sun is heading your way. The white linen pants he wears for work leave little to the imagination. You order your drink and as he walks back to you, balancing a tall champagne flute on his tray, your heart speeds up. You knew it was hot in Miami, but you are burning up. He hands you your mimosa and you hand him your room key and tell him to pop by for some room service on his lunch break. You’ve never done anything like this before and you’re freaking out. Just then, your girlfriends come by to say they’re headed out for some shopping on Lincoln Road. You tell them you’ll catch up with them later and sneak up to your room to get sexy for the hot young waiter. When he opens the door, he finds you sitting on the bed in flamingo pink strappy sandals and nothing else. The shiny wrapper from a condom on your nightstand lets him know you mean business. Those linen pants are on the floor in no time. About 45 minutes later, he scribbles his phone number on a hotel business card and tells you he’s yours for the weekend. You grab a quick shower, throw on a sun dress and meet the girls for lunch. Little do they know you’ve already had a little afternoon delight. You scored 10 to 12 points — Seaside Heights: Your big trip to Guatemala this summer is finally here. You like traveling alone, roughing it and immersing yourself into new cultures. Your taxi arrives at the beachfront eco-friendly bungalow where you’ll be staying for two weeks just in time for you to get some sleep. After catching some shut-eye, the first thing you do in the morning is head to the surf shack to sign up for lessons. There, behind the counter stands 6 feet of cinnamon brown skin. His lean surfer body shows off a deep V that dips way below the top of his board shorts. Is this guy supposed to be your instructor? How will you ever get up on your board with such a distraction? You have an unsuccessful first day out on the ocean and your sexy surf guide pulls you aside to show you what to do with your body to catch a wave. Something about the way his hands linger at your hips tells you that this guy is not talking about surfing anymore. You look into his brown, puppy-dog eyes and lean your face in close to his and whisper, “Gracias.” He’s entranced by your confidence and stares back at you for what seems like forever. Snapping back to reality you smile and head back to your cottage, making sure to linger with each step. That night, you have a visitor — it’s him! Over an ice cold beer, you stumble over broke Spanish terms of endearment while leaning on his shoulder on your porch. Spontaneously, he leads you down to the beach. Your toes tucked into the sand, he grabs your hips the way he did on the beach. Kissing deeply, the two of you crash into the sand. There, under the stars on the beach of El Rejeguero, you catch the big wave you’ve been waiting for all day. You scored 7 to 9 points — The Hangover: Summer is officially here. and you and your friends gather together on the rooftop of the city’s most exclusive new boutique hotel. You’re looking fresh to death in short shorts, tall wedges and a bright red halter top. “Another mojito, please,” you say to the bartender. You stare at his flexing biceps as he muddles together lime, mint and sugar. The scent is intoxicating. Being a former bartender, you know all too well that you should never approach someone behind the bar, but you just can’t help yourself. This man is too fine. “This is delicious,” you compliment his drink, slowly licking the sugar from your lips. You notice his tattoos and ask him about them. You tell him that you have one on your hip that you’d love to show it to him later. Wink, wink. He smiles and begins making a margarita for another customer. Before you head back to your crew, he tells you there’s an after-party at an old bartender’s hangout downtown. “I’ll see you there!” you shout over the music. The club downtown is packed. You’re all alone navigating your way through gyrating hips. He spots you and comes over, grabbing your waist and pulling you into him. It’s dark in the club, but the lights just turned on downstairs. After a few dances, he takes your hand and leads you to a secret doorway. Suddenly, you are in a tight alley that separates the club from a nearby apartment building. His back is pressed against the cold exposed brick, while you’re pressed against his warm body. He slides his hand up your leg and into your cute little short shorts. You lean your neck back, urging him to go further. You two stay outside until the moonlight fades into sunrise. It’s 7:00 a.m. when you and your guy walk out onto the street, your hand in his. You blink as your eyes adjust to the sunlight. You’re famished from your night of debauchery and head to a 24-hour greasy spoon to relive the touching, groping and moaning over eggs, bacon and cheese on a roll with home fries and a large OJ.