Sex Is Better After 45

Baby Boomer Sex

So you’re a 27-year-old liberated city girl who thinks she is having the best sex ever, eh. Think again. A new study by AARP revealed that singles 45 and older are having the primal time of their lives.

We thought of a few reasons why sex is even better when you’re older.

Young ones you’ve got some thing to look forward to and Mid-aged mammas, sex looks good on you.

You can enjoy the journey

The older you get, the less focused you are on reaching the climax. Chances are your sessions last for hours instead of mere minutes and you and your partner revel in each other’s touches and kisses instead of chasing the big “O.” Coincidentally, the result is even better orgasms because you’ve taken the time to really rev your engine.

You can let it all hang out

You’ve been in that body for some time now and hopefully you’re more accepting of your scars, rolls and dimples than you were 20 years ago. You can relax in bed with out worrying about what your partner’s going to think of your breasts pointing East and West.

You’ve had a lot of practice

At 45, you’ve probably been having sex for at least 20 years and you’re most likely damn good at it at this point. Those 20-something girls ain’t got nothing on you.

You know how to have a conversation

Sex is always better when you can communicate exactly what you want to your partner. Being more aware of your body gives you the advantage of being able to tell your guy exactly where to go and what to do when he gets there.

You know what you don’t want

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In your early twenties, it’s possible that you may have gone along with a few things in bed that you weren’t 100 percent cool with. In your fabulous 40’s and up, you’re more quick to say, “I am not doing that, dude.”

You’re more self-possessed

At 45, you’re so secure in who you are and the powers that you possess, which is a huge turn-on to men. Your confidence alone can get you more sex more often.

You’ve got the whole place to yourself

On your mid-life, you’ve raised your kids and you’re sending them off to college. Even if you have a few teens in the house, don’t need to be monitored so you’re free to do your thing.

Your can be whoever you want to be

The AARP study notes that the number one fantasy for men and women over 70 is sex with a stranger. By now you’re more likely to bring a lot of your fantasies to life through role play. He’ll be the detective, you’ll be the damsel in distress.

Your stress-levels welcome the release

You’ve climbed up the corporate ladder, or built your small business from the ground up and all that extra responsibility equals extra stress. That’s where doing the nasty comes in. The stress-relieving powers of sex make the payoff for getting horizontal even better than back when you were a temp at that no-name agency in your twenties.

You can finally afford a luxury getaway

You’ve worked hard and you’re finally able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You and your man can afford to lock yourselves in that luxury suite at the W hotel for the whole weekend without fretting that your bank account will overdraw.

Your freak-factor is way up there

You’ve been having sex for twenty-odd years, chances are you and your partner have tried just about everything and are inventing new ways to get it on. Whips, chains and handcuffs. Ha! That’s childs play.

Let us know why you think sex gets hotter later in life…