A recent CNN report suggested that there are only two types of lovers: comfort creatures and thrill seekers. The first type likes to keep sex within the home, prefers sex with just one partner and relishes the intimacy that traditional sexual positions provide. The second type is more adventurous, willing to try additional partners, new positions, toys and locations. Plus, they typically want more sex. Both types of lovers can have pretty fulfilling sex lives, especially when they are paired with partners that are just like them. How do you know if you’re a comfort creature or a thrill seeker? Take our quiz to find out your profile between the sheets… 1) How often do you masturbate per week? a. One to three times per week, if that. b. Four to seven times per week, or more if I can get it in. 2) What are you most likely to find in your bedside table? a. A romantic card from your lover, condoms, and your trusty vibrator for your alone time. b. A pair of handcuffs, at least one vibrator, an assortment of your favorite condoms and lubricants — and perhaps the phone number to your local swinger’s club. 3) How often do your fantasies focus on sexual taboos? a. Often or all the time. b. Hardly ever or never. 4) What sexual scenario is most appealing to you? a. Your partner is on top of you. His chest is pressed against yours. You moan as he breaths seductively on your neck. Your head rests gently in his hand. Your lips lock while you make love and with each kiss, he slowly works his way deeper into you. Your body tingles with each stroke. b. Your partner has you pressed against a large window. Your hands are above your head tied to the curtain rod with a long cloth rope. Pressing hard into you, he lifts your leg and wraps it backwards around his hips. The lights are on so passersby can watch your hot sex, if they were to look up. 5) How do you fee about having a sexual encounter that includes more than one partner? a. I can have great sex when I’m focused on one person. I’m not interested in inviting guests. b. I have had or have fantasized about multiple partners at one time. It can be so hot when more chefs are in the kitchen. 6) How important is romance to your sexual fulfillment? a. Romance is everything. It sets the mood for a remarkable session. b. It’s nice when you get it, but that pure sexual energy is what takes me over the edge. 7) What does your dirty talk sound like? a. I describe to my partner how great it feels to be in bed with him. b. I openly declare my freakiest fantasies. 8) If you and your partner were having intimacy issues, what would you do? a. I would suggest that we make an appointment with a therapist so that we could work through it together. b. I would suggest that we explore options like introducing new toys or sexual partners to reignite our flame. 9) Ideally, how much sex would you like to have per week? a. One to four times per week would satisfy me. b. At least once every night would be great. You’re all done! Count how many As and how many Bs you chose as answers to find out whether you’re a comfort creature or a thrill seeker. Mostly As: You’re a Comfort Creature: You know what good love making is and you don’t need a trunk full of toys and contraptions to have a good time. You’re satisfied with a few steamy and very intimate sexual sessions a week and every time you put it on your man you make it count. You prefer to get it on in the privacy of your own home, between you and the man you love. You relish in the closeness that traditional positions provide and you tend to fantasize about sexual rendezvous between your existing lover and previous partner. Mostly Bs: You’re a Thrill Seeker To you, sex isn’t great unless it’s accompanied by an adventure. While you can enjoy a nice lovemaking session in bed, you’d prefer doing it on a rooftop or in a sex swing. A rug burn is evidence of a wild night you’ll never forget. You’re excited about bringing toys and props into the bedroom and you love trying out feat-defying positions. You crave the carnal energy that sex provides more often and you may fantasize about unusual scenarios or multiple sexual partners.