Five Sexy Roleplay Scenarios To Try

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Our Frisky Friday Sexual Fantasy Survey revealed something very interesting about you ladies. While most of you are interested in roleplay, a lot of you haven’t actually taken on new personalities in the bedroom. We thought we’d help you out with a few easy scenarios to try out this weekend. Who will you be tonight — the private dancer, the sexy rock star or the handcuff wielding police officer?

Have a One Night Stand

This scenario is perfect for roleplay beginners. Have your sweetheart meet you at a bar you’ve never been to before. Dress up like a different type of woman than who you really are. Experiment with a wig if you really want to get into character. For the whole night, pretend this is the first time you’ve ever met. Create new names, new jobs and new life stories for yourselves. At the end of the night, you lean in and whisper in his ear, “your place, or mine?” Keep up the sherade by calling each other by your fake names all night long.

Rock His World

Turn the stereotypical rock star and groupie scenario upside down. Show up to a dive bar that you’ve never been to before and pretend you’re a hot musician who could care less about your guy who desperately wants to spend the night with you. Make it seem more authentic by throwing on a leather jacket and wearing thick, black eyeliner and blood-red lipstick. Act like you’re too good for your guy as he buys you drinks and tells you how much he adores you. Finally you say, “Hey baby, want to spend the night with me.” He wants nothing more and you two ride off to your pad where you rock each others’ roleplaying worlds.

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Be His Private Dancer

Pretend your a private stripper sent by one of his friends to blow his mind. Create a sexy stage name for yourself and buy a fun wig that helps to camouflage your identity. Walk into the living room wearing a trench coat over a sexy teddy that flatters your curves,red pumps and holding a boom box. Press play and give him the best show he’s ever seen in his life. We recommend practicing in the mirror a few times before the big night. At the end of the dance offer him the red light special.

Get Held For Ransome

You be the spoiled girl and he’ll be the contract criminal ordered to kidnap you. As you walk into your front door he grabs you, carries you to the dining room and ties you to a chair. He tells you that you’re being held for ransom and that if you’re rich daddy doesn’t deliver $10 million by midnight, you’re toast. As the night goes on you guys get to talking and begin to fall for each other. He can’t go through with the job. He unties you and you show him how grateful you are for sparing your life and he shows you how happy he is to finally be in love with someone so special.

Uphold the Law

With Halloween coming up, now is the perfect time to find a sexy police officer outfit at your local costume store. Pick up a pair of handcuffs while you’re at it– or you can order a pair at — and head home. Ring the doorbell and tell him you were sent to his place because of an incident in the neighborhood and invite yourself in to ask him a few questions. Interrogate him with questions like, “How bad do you want to take this officer’s uniform off me right now” Maybe even perform a strip search on him. Then tell him he’s under arrest for that weapon in his pants and handcuff him to a chair. That’s when the real investigation begins.