Two decades after falling madly in love, Teddy Campbell still loves him some Tina Campbell. In a sweet never-before-seen video, Campbell sings his heart out to his one and only on a rooftop in the video for song “Marry Me.” 

The powerful faith ballad features Teddy asking his wife to renew the friendship that forged their family. “I know I’m your husband/ but am I your friend,” he asks while describing a vision of his wife returning to the aisle to accept his love once more.

The song was written in 2012 and performed during their vow renewal. The video was recorded in 2017 and never released. 

It features footage from their 2014 vow renewal including a clip of Teddy so eager to kiss his beloved that he is literally bouncing on the balls of his feet at the altar. 

The couple recorded and released a track called “21” celebrating their 21 years of matrimony in August. The experience inspired them to share “Marry Me” as a follow-up that continued the conversation about love in the context of a three-pronged cord. 

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Teddy’s bride-to-be was not originally included in the treatment for the video. The couple were merely filming separate videos at the same facility and when Tina headed upstairs to support her hubby on set she briefly found herself to be part of the show. During her cameo Teddy sings directly to her as she beams at his devotion. 

“It was one-take, that was my real reaction in there. I’m in the video by accident and that’s what makes it all perfect.” Tina revealed in a statement to ESSENCE. 

“What we captured was the passion of him singing it from the depths of his inner being and me being fully mesmerized by him the whole time.” 

Here’s to 21 more. Let no man put asunder! 

Stream “Marry Me” here.