Exclusive: How Healing Herself Helped Eve Find True Love and Her Happy Place
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Eve has worn many hats throughout her 20+ years in the business – rapper, actress and TV host are just a few of them. But these days, the title of wife holds a special meaning in her life. ESSENCE had the honor of speaking with Eve for the 100th Yes Girl! podcast episode, and the Philly native was an open book as always. During the chat, she revealed that she’d met her husband, Gumball 3000 founder Maximillion Cooper, during a time when she was feeling burned out from the industry and decided to go on hiatus.  “I just took a step back,” she tells Yes, Girl! hosts Charli Penn and Cori Murray. “When I made the decision to kind of discover myself and figure out who I want to be as a woman, I met my husband.” Eve also gives herself credit (and we do, too!) for learning how to surrender to love. “It’s so cheesy ’cause I’m so not a romantic, but he is my homie. He is my best friend, and I think for myself, I think I just learned to be happy. Give yourself happiness, give yourself permission.” Prior to meeting Max, Eve revealed that she was in a toxic relationship that almost pushed her into a dark state of depression. “I was engaged to someone else who I forgot to ask for the core things,” she admits. “We had a dope life, but he was a terrible person. He was really poisonous to me as a person, but I didn’t ask for the love and respect. I think it’s all about being internal too. Just do the work on yourself, and everything else. ” So many women can relate to her story. Thankfully, Eve is in a much healthier place in both love and career. Her advice for single women ready to throw in the towel on love is to be firm about what they want and to never settle. “It took me a while [to find the one], because I had be ready for it. That’s another thing, you have to be ready for it, and you’d have to be willing to know that you’re worth what you want. It took me a long time to figure that out, because I kind of was still dealing with the same bullshit. It was the same dude in different bodies. I’m just like, ‘Why am I attracting this?'” Eve currently sits as one of the panelists on the CBS show The Talk.


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