Kids grow up so fast. One minute you’re bouncing them on your lap, and the next, you’re throwing them a sweet 16 party!

Erykah Badu and rapper The D.O.C. are the proud parents of a daughter named Puma Sabti Curry. In celebration of her sixteenth birthday, the proud parents got together and recorded the sweetest birthday message for their daughter, letting her know just how much she’s loved.

Badu kicks off the video retelling the day Puma was born, which she says happened to fall on Super Bowl Sunday (she clarifies in a later post that because it was summer, it was probably a basketball game). The D.O.C. recalls that during the first year of her life he “never let her touch the floor.”

The D.O.C. proudly congratulates his daughter for taking a step further into womanhood and states that “because your mother is an amazing woman, I don’t worry a lot about you.” Badu continues, saying, “Puma, you are prepared for this life. I don’t think you’re not ready for the world. I think the world isn’t ready for you.”

Watch their full message to Puma below:

Badu also shared more moments from Puma’s “Covid Sweet 16 party” in a series of Instagram photos. The birthday girl looked glamorous with cascading red hair, a pink birthday sash and a dazzling smile.

Dad shared some throwback photos with Puma, writing, “I love you more than you will ever know.”

Puma is one of Badu’s three children. She also has an older brother Seven and younger sister Mars. Like her siblings, Puma is already exhibiting star potential that seems to run in the family. In 2019 Badu posted a clip of her daughter singing “One Night Only” at a school talent show, confirming she’s a star in the making.

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Happy Birthday to this amazing young queen!

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