Erykah Badu Is Going To Be Teyana Taylor’s Midwife
Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Erykah Badu’s passion isn’t just limited to music and fashion. The legendary soul singer is also a doula and now a certified midwife who helps guide pregnant moms through a safe delivery. Badu’s experience has recently been commissioned by singer Teyana Taylor, who is pregnant with her second child.

During an interview with Nick Cannon Mornings on Power 106, Taylor revealed that Badu is going to help deliver her baby girl. Taylor’s first daughter, Junie, was delivered by her husband Iman Shumpert in their bathroom after the singer went into labor one month early. “I don’t know if I want to go to the hospital for this next baby,” she revealed. “I’ll make sure it’s not on the toilet or the bathroom floor,’ Teyana joked with Cannon.

Taylor when on to say that she’s “considering home birth, and I’m actually going to be doing it with Erykah. Her and Iman are going to deliver my baby.” Taylor also said she’d love to have Badu sing her verse from their joint song “Lowkey,” which is a track on Taylor’s new project THE ALBUM.

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Badu’s interest in becoming a midwife began in 2001 after she helped guide one of her friends through her natural birth. “I’ve always had a mothering nature. But I didn’t plan on becoming a doula,” she told People. “I just wanted to care for my family and friends. When I saw the baby, I cried. I knew what I was supposed to do with my life.”

Taylor revealed in an earlier interview that her due date is October 3rd.


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