If your sex life is starting to feel like a bad record stuck on repeat, relax, help is here. We know that sex between two people can sometimes go from steamy to boring seemingly overnight, but there’s good news: clinical sexologist Nikki Morgan, a sister whose clients range from celebrities looking to make their marriage work to international lovers seeking help they can trust, says there is “no such thing” as being stuck in a sexual rut. Morgan founded The Touch Experience where she teaches couples that teamwork is key in climbing out of that hole, and a lot of the solutions are so simple you can start right now — yes, like, right, right now!

“No matter how much we try to overcome as a people and a human race, if we still have these sexual blocks, we’ll never be able to realize our full potential,” says Morgan.

Just when you think you can’t be pleased anymore, Morgan says you can go further. “It’s just a hump,” she says. And, “You can overcome it and receive more pleasure.”

“I like to call myself a sexual concierge,” Morgan adds. Experiential learning is her specialty, so are you ready for a crash course in home remedies for your ailing sex life? Check out Morgan‘s easy tips and tricks!