This Couple Misses the Obamas So Much, They Posed Like Them For Their Engagement Shoot

Remember when #BringObamaBack was a trending topic everywhere tapping into the wonderful memories collected from the eight years we had with the 44th President and First Lady?

For newly engaged couple Cassi and Adam, they chose to pay tribute to the Obamas by modeling their engagement shoot after the former first couples’s iconic love. Whose engagement photos were reminiscent of some of our favorite Black love moments from Barack and Michelle Obama. Cleveland wedding photographer Natasha Herbert shared some outtakes from Cassi and Adam’s presidential shoot.

The couple sought out Natasha and event planner Covesa Gragg to execute their amazing vision, an ode to Black love.

“When our Bride and Groom said ‘Can we try and duplicate one of their famous shots for our engagement pics?’ I was like let’s do an entire shoot- we can do this and this and THIS!” explained Covesa.

The engagement photo reenactments include some of our favorite love moments from the former First Lady and President including: Their iconic ESSENCE cover photo shoot that took the Internet by storm; The Obamas’ playful embrace just before the National Newspaper Publishers Association reception in March 2009;  The moment when Michelle snuggled up against Barack while taping for the 2015 World Expo in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House.

Oh, the sweet memories that will last this engaged couple a lifetime!