While everyone is out having a hot girl summer, Chance The Rapper is having a married man album release.

The Chicago native recently dropped his surprise project called The Big Day and the reviews are divided. While it seems Chance took some musical risks while still being his usual positive self, some critics of the album have slammed the rapper for being heavy-handed with the references to his wife, Kirsten Corley. On one track called “We Go High,” he raps about how Corley’s decision to become celibate forced him to earn back her trust.

“My baby mama went celibate / Lies on my breath, she say she couldn’t take the smell of it / Tired of the rumors, every room had an elephant / Tryna find her shoes, rummagin’ through the skeletons / She took away sex, took me out of my element.”

References about Kristen pop up often throughout the album, and folks have made memes at Chance’s expense because of it.

Even though the album’s title should have been a dead giveaway to the album’s content (Chance married his childhood sweetheart this year), folks just weren’t satisfied. Well, Chance had time today. In response to the feedback and jokes about his numerous references to his wife, the rapper double down and expressed his love even harder. Posting his wedding video on Instagram (which is gorgeous by the way), he uses a bit of reverse psychology on the haters. “SPAM THE COMMENTS BELOW, SAY ‘I LOVE MY WIFE,'” he writes in the caption.

During his stream of consciousness tweets, Chance writes,”I wanna let some of these feelings go cause thats whats twitter is for. For people to say exactly whats on their hearts. And the number one thing thats been on my heart and has been reaffirmed in the last week that I’m now 100% sure of is..That I LOVE my wife.” Amen!

Chance and Korley met as children and started dating officially in 2013. They had their daughter, Kensli Bennett, in 2015. After briefly separating, the couple came back together and tied the knot in March 2019. The Bennetts are currently expecting their second daughter.