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Centenarian Couple Celebrating 82nd Wedding Anniversary Share Their Secret

A North Carolina couple just celebrated their 82nd wedding anniversary, adding another notch to the decades they have spent together.

D.W. and Willie Williams, who are also both centenarians at 103 and 100, respectively, told WSOC that there was no particular secret as to making their marriage work.

“I don’t have a secret, just be nice to each other,” Willie Williams told the station.

Their family threw them a huge celebration to mark the anniversary, and their birthdays in their Charlotte, N.C. hometown.

“To see them at this age and still doing well, it’s just a blessing to have them here,” granddaughter B.J. Williams-Greene told WSOC.

As to her take on how they have been able to keep their love alight this long.

“They are each other’s best friend,” she said.

Congrats to the couple!