Cardi B Got An Extra Special Gift From Baby Kulture On Grammy Night
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Cardi B is truly on her Cinderella steez. The “Money” rapper absolutely crushed her first-time performance at the Grammys and, if that weren’t magical enough, snagged the award for Best Rap Album. It’s everything a “regular, degular” Bronx girl could’ve ever imagined. But God wasn’t done raining down blessings on the Bardi just yet. Cardi, who did some light celebrating before returning home to her 7-month-old daughter Kulture, got the surprise she’s been waiting for. The rapper has been keeping fans up to date about her daughter grasping new words. For the first time ever, baby Kulture finally said “mama.” Based on Cardi’s previous tweets, this has been a long time coming. For a while there it seemed like “dada” was going to be Kulture’s first official word, according to her aunt Hennessy. “KK was watching Ric Flair drip on tv yesterday and she said ‘Da,’” Cardi tweeted recently, “If she says dada before mama imma feel very betrayed. Henny got it on video too.” Though we’ve only gotten one Kulture photo to date, it seems her parents are slowing but surely warming up to the idea of letting the public catch some glimpses of their precious bundle of joy. In promotion of his forthcoming solo album and accompanying documentary, Offset posted a clip of Cardi giving birth to Kulture last year. The couple was joined in the delivery room by both of their moms, Cardi’s publicist, her sister Hennessy and the medical staff as mama soldiered through labor.
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A L B U M & D O C C O M I N G 2/ 22/19

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Last night while accepting her speech, Cardi thanked her daughter for the inspiration to keep grinding. “I wanna thank my daughter,” Cardi said. “Not just because she’s my daughter, it’s because when I found I was pregnant, my album was not complete … we was like, ‘We have to get this album done so we can shoot these videos while I was still not showing,’ and it was very long nights.” Congrats again Cardi!


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