Viviana and Benson’s wedding day struck a perfect balance between the old and new.

The beautiful couple first met in 2015 through a mutual friend. At the time, they both lived in different states (Benson in Birmingham, AL and Viviana in Fairfax, VA.) After six months of getting to know each other over the phone, with Benson driving to VA from AL every two weeks for a visit, they made it official and started dating.  

Benson’s no-frills proposal happened on a casual Saturday morning at home over breakfast. When deciding on their wedding venue and theme, they both wanted to keep it on the sweet and simple path with a roughly 200-guest ceremony and reception at Lake Windsor Country Club in Wisconsin. A standout from this rural affair was their ode to their home country. “We wanted our wedding to be deeply rooted in African traditions, as a nod to our upbringings,” Viviana told ESSENCE. “We are both from livestock keeping communities of Kenya. Benson, from the Kalenjin tribe and myself from the Rendille tribe. We could not have been happier including our own traditions in the ceremony. “

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