Now This Is Love! Boyfriend Goes Viral After Wearing His Girlfriend’s Makeup To Help Promote Her Business

A boyfriend with a sense of humor who isn’t afraid to support his woman publicly no matter what? We have to stan!

An aspiring Bronx-based makeup artist named “Another Black Girl” is working hard at her come up. (We see you sis!) But in a heavily-saturated world of beauty vloggers and influencers, it can be hard to stand out from the pack these days. So, she had the brilliant idea of recruiting some help….from her man!

In a YouTube tutorial, she gives us a step by step demo on how to beat a face using her boyfriend as the model. Her supportive guy showed off the finished product (yes, lashes and all!) encouraging folks to follow his lady.

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When your bf is supportive asf 😭🥰

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“Hey ladies and gentleman! If you would like your face beat like mine please book my lovely girlfriend here,” he says in a video promoting her work.” The video received tons of love on Twitter, and even got recirculated on The Shade Room! After receiving so much positive feedback, the couple posted the full version of the video on YouTube, revealing she’d receive an uptick of 5,000 new followers and counting.

The boyfriend also let it be known that he’s ready to ward off any cyberbullying. “I want the negative comments. Try me! I’m trying to argue.”

How cute is this?!


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