The guests who attended the #happilyeverousley2017 wedding were in for a treat when the groom began to exchange his vows with his bride.

To the tune of LL Cool J’s I Need Love, Reginald Ousely began to rap his way to forever with his groomsmen swaying in step to his wedding vows. The unique vow exchange made Kianna smile and caught the eye of many Instagram users that made his vows go viral.

“Woke up to a million text messages and @’s thank you guys for all the positivity! The comments are HILARIOUS I actually LOVED my husband’s vows it was exactly what we needed after my emotional vows and the passing of my father… It was beyond creative and original considering that he’s actually a minister! Love you baby and your vows were PERFECT,” shared Kianna Ousley after seeing the vows go viral.

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Reggie played no games when it came down to his flow. He found a rapping coach and producer to help him prep for his big day.

Congrats to the Ousleys!