Black Wedding Moment Of The Day: This Groom’s Dedication To His Step Daughter Will Warm Your Heart

Dr. Justin Turner tugged at our heartstrings in this Black Wedding Moment of the Day by dedicating part of his vows to his wife Elisha’s daughter Layla.

Even though it’s been two years since the Turners’s wedding, this moment is still turning heads. Grab your tissues and prepare for your eyes to sweat as Justin makes his step-daughter part of their ceremony.

“Before you give me this ring, I would like for you to allow me, Layla Roberts, to be your daddy,” he says. “I want to protect you. I want to cover you. I want to embrace you. Since you’ve come into my life, you’ve given life new meaning. Not only am I marrying a princess, but also a daughter.”

Who started cutting onions?! Congrats to the Turner’s on their anniversary!


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