Everything Is Love! Beyonce Shared The Sweetest Message For ‘Best Friend’ and Husband Jay-Z
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
Beyoncé is done sipping the Lemonade, and her sweet love note to husband rapper Jay-Z is proof that everything remains love in the Carter household. The Queen B and Hov wrapped up their critically acclaimed worldwide On the Run II Tour last night in Seattle, and to celebrate the momentous occasion, Beyoncé shared a video mashup on Instagram that beautifully summed up exactly why she”ll always be her husband’s number one fan.   Beyoncé captioned the video, which showed off highlights from the duo’s tour, with Crazy in Love message to her best friend “To Shawn Carter, my Clyde, my best friend: this journey on OTR2 has been a highlight of my life. Thank you for every moment. I’ll be your hype man any day!  To the Hive and all the fans who supported OTR2, cheers to you and I. Salud!” It’s great to see the Carters crazy in love and living their best lives.


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