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When Beyoncé’s lead dance captain Ashley Everett got engaged during an epic on stage surprise proposal on the St. Louis stop of The Formation World Tour in September, the world watched along and swooned. The video, of course, went viral and since then fans have been obsessed with Everett and fiancé, fellow professional dancer and choreographer John Silver, and all about their love.

The beautiful bride to be, who is currently in full wedding planning mode, was the special guest on this week’s episode of ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast and she opened up about what life has been like since her love story went viral and the inner-workings of her sweet love story.

So how do two dope dancers fall in love on the job? With a lot of chemistry and a little help from their mutual friend, Ne-Yo.

“We met working with Ne-Yo together, who is like one of our good friends now, Everett recalled. They couple had three jobs together and the magic happened during one of their video shoots.

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“I remember there was a moment in rehearsal that everybody talks about, where we were like dancing together and it was like a freestyle section and then they cut the music off,” said Everett. “They like faded it out and everyone else stopped but we were still going. And everybody was looking at us like, mmhmm…told ya’ll.”

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A few months, later Ne-Yo invited her to Miami out of the blue. At the time, Everett had no clue that he was helping Silver make a move, but it all went according to his big plan.

“Basically I find out that John asked him to bring me,” she recalls. “Cause they were going for John’s birthday. They were going to celebrate John’s birthday.”

When the host asked if Ne-Yo will sing for them on their big day, Everett said “probably so.”

Fans will recall that Beyoncé played a major part in helping Silver pull of the surprise proposal, including adding Single Ladies back to the set to help set off the big moment. For Everett, having her good friend Bey in on the action, made it all the more memorable.

“It’s really amazing because it’s like full circle,” she said. “I started with [Beyoncé] so young, at 17. She’s like watched me grow up and I watched her grow to be married and a mo, and, you know, a wife and everything. So we’re just growing up together. It’s really special. It’s really special that she helped with it too. She could have been like, no, not my stage, not my dime.”

Aww! To hear more about the soon-to-be Silvers’ wedding plans and whether or not they plan to have the Carters by their side, listen to the full episode above, which also features real talk with extraordinary actress Niecy Nash. Yes, girl!