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[BLANK_AUDIO] Let's talk about sex. Does sex get better, the same or boring after marriage. Everybody? Everybody [CROSSTALK]. We have five kids and I think for us we're just trying to keep it spicy. So we try to do things outlandish. We try to, I mean Not to sound Can I get a pen? She's my everything. Aww. She is my wife. She'll turn into my ****. Ha! Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. It is what it is. Great. She's everything Love that. That we wanna do in bed. I mean, I've been a cowboy. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] real Jesus. I've been Barack Obama. I've been a police officer. [LAUGH] She One time I was Maxwell. We're like. [LAUGH] Wait did you get some hair? I had the fro, I had the fro and everything. America. Look we've been married for 16 years. Okay? We've been together 23. They have. So they've been through a lot of ups and downs. Yes. Before they got to the point where they're like okay I'm gonna put the wig on and I'm gonna be Maxwell, right? [LAUGH] I see where you're going, I see exactly where you're going. Envy, help me out here. It wasn't like the first eight years, or maybe you were, you're putting the Maxwell wig on. Did it come to a point where you're Next one was about seven years in. Next one was about, when we were in college, I was mack. [LAUGH] I was also a cowboy in college. You were a cowboy. Okay. I was a cowboy mack in college, yeah. They grew up together. [LAUGH] But the point is not really the wig, right? Yeah. It's the whole notion of keeping things Spicy. Great. It can't be missionary all the time. Right. Another we can talk about, we talk about communication. Yeah. But you have to talk about honesty. You have to be honest with your partner. Hey, it's getting kinda boring. What's going on? What's good. Well you use those words though? You won't say boring. You see what I mean? That's a very. Yeah. > You can't use those words too. Yeah. No, yes. You're right. What would you say? [UNKNOWN] Use those words. Instead of going into your adjective box, you would make suggestions of things that you would like to do. Things that you would like to see her in, places that you'd like to go, things you'd like to try. Hey let's watch a porno together. I thought about this. Are you down? You make it fun and exciting. We throw an adjective in there Never say boring, that's just bad. Don't say boring. Don't say boring. That's just bad. No No you can't say that. Maybe she's working off of an insecurity. Wow maybe Lame, I wonder what other girls are doing. Now she's comparing herself. Maybe he's tired of my body, my gosh have this dog ears and this muffin topping. I had three kids and my boobs are down here. Doggy? Doggy, you understand the doggy. [LAUGH] You know what I mean and now when you start working with someone who's insecure Does a whole other beef. Yeah. Cuz now you have a bunch of other problems that you're introducing into the situation. Now, you have a not so great sex life and an insecure wife. You have to handle your partner with kid gloves and take care not just them but their emotions. Because when someone else is happy they want to make you happy. Make you happy. Yeah. [BLANK_AUDIO]

This article originally appeared on health.com.

Now this is the kind of news we love to share: according to a new survey, women age 36 and older have the best and most frequent orgasms compared to younger women. Yes, please.

The survey, conducted by the contraceptive app Natural Cycles, relied on previous data collected from more than 2,600 women. The women were asked about their level of sexual satisfaction, how attractive they feel, and the frequency and quality of their orgasms. Respondents were grouped into three age brackets: 23 and younger, 23 to 36, and 36 and older.

You’d probably expect the women in their early 20s to report the highest level of orgasmic satisfaction. But the results showed the opposite to be true; women in the youngest age group had the least frequent orgasms. In contrast, the majority of the women in the oldest age group experienced the most regular—and the highest quality—Os.

Sex therapist Ian Kerner, PhD, isn’t surprised by these findings. “Many women I talk to in their late 30s and 40s feel like they know what turns them on or off and that they can communicate that with their partner,” he says. (Kerner was not involved in the survey.)

To explain the survey results, Kerner says to consider what’s going on with most women both physically and psychologically as they get into their thirties. While female hormone levels are highest in the mid-20s, he explains, that doesn’t translate into the most mind-blowing orgasms. Rather, it’s likely that best orgasms happen when women are in a sexy place from a psychological standpoint.

“Older women are often in long-term relationships or marriages that are positive, that make them feel desired and confident,” says Kerner. “As women age, they develop more of the social and psychological supports to advocate for their own sexuality and they’re more in touch with their sexuality as well.”

Younger women, on the other hand, typically haven’t had as many serious partners, so they might be less attuned to what does and doesn’t work for them in the sack.

Of course, age isn’t an automatic magic bullet for your best sex yet. “I also work with a lot of women across all age groups who have sexual esteem issues and are not having the sex that they want,” says Kerner.

So while turning 36 might not guarantee your craziest climax ever, growing older and wiser definitely seems to help amp up orgasms, especially when a loving significant other is involved. Good to know that the best (sex) really might be yet to come.