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Guess Which Two U.S. Cities Have the Most Holiday Hookups For Singles?

If you're single and ready to mingle while traveling for the holidays, the survey says these cities are where you'll find the most action.
Guess Which Two U.S. Cities Have the Most Holiday Hookups For Singles?
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If you’re headed to Washington D.C. or New York this Christmas to visit family and friends, you just might find yourself picking up a holi-bae somewhere along the way. 

According to a new study from Cambridge Analytica’s Holidata research, the nation’s capital and the city that never sleeps are two of the top ranked places for holiday hookups. 

With an overwhleming amount of extraverted singles roaming about–in New York, 48.3% of residents say they are romantically unattached and available, in D.C., 51.3% of people say the same–finding your next Netflix and Chill mate just got a little easier. 

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Other states that rank high on the fling flinding list include: Illinois, Vermont and California.


Looking for a cuddle buddy in Utah, Idaho and West Viriginia? Sorry, these states rank the lowest in having available singles especially during this time of year. 

Just when you thought you were heading home to only spend time with family, you could be in luck with finding someone new to cozy up with!

It is “cuffing season” after all.