‘Tis the season of family, food, friends, fellowship— and loved ones bombarding you with questions about your relationship status (or lack thereof). For women, holidays are universal life markers, particularly for relationships. From Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day – your relationship status can feel like it’s on display for all. And as if you don’t spend enough time questioning your romantic future, how you’re most fulfilled, or where you want your next relationship to go, those pesky nags (otherwise referred to as ‘relatives’), don’t do anything to relieve holiday stress.

And whether you’re in a relationship, or you’re not, there are always going to be those awkward moments where your family just doesn’t know when or how to fall back and leave things be. If the thought of answering these inevitable relationship questions is already stressing you out, we suggest you go into holidays armed with a plan (and a few clapbacks handy for when that glass of wine just isn’t enough).