Twitter Had the Most Hilarious Reactions To Mary Jane Snooping On Her Man

Should you or shouldn’t you snoop through your man’s belongings? It’s a popular debate among men and women, and there is no right or wrong answer. It’s subjective.

Some women turn the other cheek because they don’t want to know, while others are always on the hunt to see what their man is up to or if he’s telling the truth.

Mary Jane Paul is one of those women who wants to know, but on last night’s episode of Being Mary Jane she learned a little more than she planned on.

The first mistake she made was to bring his secret box home to her place.

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The the next “oh no” moment came when she told her co-worker about the box and had him snoop along with her.

Now, if you’re going to snoop, rule number one is to be careful and put things back in their place, especially if your man is as well kept, calculated and meticulous as Justin (Michael Eayl) on the show. When the box fell over with all of Justin’s secrets, including a zip lock bag with used pantyhose in it, falling out, we knew things were only going left from there. Of course, Twitter couldn’t agree more. Here are some of the best tweets from Being Mary Jane viewers and their thoughts on her snooping: