The story of Mary Jane Paul is ending with a bang, and you won’t be disappointed!

In the series finale trailer of the BET series Being Mary Jane, MJP (aka Pauletta) appears to be getting her happily ever after as Jason proposes, but a devastating confession makes the fairytale come crumbling down. “Jason, there’s something I need to tell you,” Mary Jane utters as we see a flashing glimpse of her handing over a pregnancy tests we can only assume reads positive.  Jason reacts, shouting, “it’s all about what you want,” to which she fires back, “you left me! What was I suppose to think?”

You may remember that season four concluded with Jason breaking up with MJ after she chose Kara for the executive producer position at Great Day USA instead of him. Thinking that Jason had ditched her for good, MJ decided to move forward with a sperm donor and attempt to get pregnant. The gag is that Jason actually did come back around – this time with a ring. The series Jason on bended knee without a confirmed “yes” or “no” from our series star. This just might be the longest cliffhanger ever!

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Mary Jane we know without a little self-sabotage. This season, it looks like she’ll attempt to get over Jason by getting under someone else. Morris Chesnut appears as Paul’s new love interest. He’s hot, isn’t afraid to take charge and (yes) he also will propose! But who, or what, will get in the way? And who will she choose? Check it out in the trailer below:

Instead of rolling out a brand new batch of episiodes, BET has decided to wrap up the show in the form of a two-hour movie. The BET series will make its final return on April 16th after being on hiatus for over a year. During an episode of Watch What Happens Live, Gabrielle revealed that the finale will focus on her relationship with Justin, reminding us that his $30 million net worth means Mary Jane, “might make it work.”

Find if Mary Jane will get to walk down the aisle during the Being Mary Jane series finale, April 16  at 9/8con BET.