It’s no secret that Offset and Cardi B have had their ups and downs since they began dating. Not long after welcoming their daughter, Kulture, last July, the couple was on the brink of divorce after a very public cheating scandal had Cardi ready to throw in the towel. The two rappers are on much more stable ground now, and Offset says he wasn’t about to give up until he got his family back. The Migos rapper stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote his debut solo album Father of 4, and the obvious elephant in the room is his admitted infidelity which almost cost him his marriage. While Offset has been public with his apologies and various attempts to win back Cardi’s trust, he feels folks on social media did their best to split them up. “I just want people to be realistic…I’m wrong. But bruh, don’t kill me. Allow me and my folks to work things out. It’s not no game.” He also acknowledges how difficult it might have been for Cardi to take him back, saying, “People was trying to [break us up.] That’s how I know she loves me.”
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“People be around here making mistakes all the time,” he continues. “I’m new to being married. I was 26 in my prime. 2017 was the best year for my career, for my group. It ain’t no game. It’s a family thing. You can lose it or you can keep it.” Charlamagne then brings up the flack Offset got for interrupting Cardi’s Rolling Loud performance, to which he replied: “I don’t give a damn — I love my girl. Whatever it takes!” “You got to face it a man. You got to step forward and face whatever it is. Everybody can go against you. It ain’t about that. It’s about love. You can’t find that now. Right now, I’ll never find a girl that loves me. I don’t ever want to lose that feeling.” Offset wasn’t the only one who caught heat after the lovebirds decided to reunite. Cardi also got criticized for forgiving Offset for the second time. When a fan sent her a tweet that said “we don’t like Offcheat,” Cardi gave a straight-to-the-point response: “Me and Kulture do.” The tweet has since been deleted. Watch Offset talk about shielding his kids from fame, being amicable with the mothers of his children and more in the full interview below: