Quickies are a must for any couple looking to keep the love and passion alive. If you’re not making time for some fast loving, you should be.

“As adults we often get so consumed with our daily routine that we sometimes forget to have a little fun especially when it comes to sex,” says Kate Stevens, author or new book The Joy of the Quickie: More than 150 Ways to Do It Now. “You have to remember though that just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean that you can’t get it on right now!”

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We couldn’t agree more. Quickies are meant to be fun, and upping the fun factor in your relationship never hurt anyone. “Every relationship needs a quickie,” says Stevens. “Not only do quickies offer just what you want when you want it, but they also bring you back to a time when you didn’t have any other worries besides school and getting caught doing something by the cops or your parents.” We asked Kate to give us her top 20 picks for where you should get it on—now! Click through to find out how you can enjoy them today.