What Kind Of Single Lady Are You?


Matchmakers help you decipher your single lady dating style and what that says about the type of partner you need.

The Matchmaking Duo May, 16, 2017

As relationship coaches and professional matchmakers, we meet so many awesome women (and men) who are looking for true love. As you can imagine, each person has their own unique personality and often they would assume that they should be looking for someone EXACTLY like them, i.e. “well I love to run so he should be a runner” or “I really enjoy visiting museums and art shows so he should love the arts too.” But is that really the case? What kind of single are you and what does that say about the partner you’re in search of? In our experience, successful matches are not exactly the same, which makes the relationship even more interesting.

Here are a few common personalities and some attributes that complement them best. Get ready to take notes, ladies. We’ve got your back on this one!

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You are a woman who dissects everything! Not only wanting to know the answer but the “why” and “how” you arrived there is even more important to you. This could be due to your occupation or the fact that you’re just naturally curious.

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A great guy for you would be someone who can roll with your line of thinking. A computer/tech guy, accountant, or someone who enjoys taking the time to figure out processes. Look for someone who naturally doesn’t mind answering questions in general or taking the time to help you uncover the “why. ”

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You’ve got a great job, plenty of money, the ability to travel etc. and “I don’t need a man” is the aura that you are giving off, when in fact that’s the furthest from the truth! You don’t need a man to buy you things, mow your lawn, and pay your bills. But you do want one for companionship, physical tintimacy, cuddle moments, and support. We’ve said it a million times, “you can’t spoon with your degrees and money." Think about it.

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Someone who Is confident enough to see past the outer appearance and realize that you really do want and desire companionship on your own terms is the type of partner for you. He can take your flirting cues and run with them. A great guy for you would be a manager with a stable career, an educator, or even an everyday business owner who has proven he has the tenacity to achieve something in life but can also give you the time and attention you need. He can also hold his own in an event with your colleagues and close friends, and of course, it’s up to you to encourage him long before the events start to occur.

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You are caring for everyone under the sun including friends, family and work. The problem is that everyone comes before you do. You are lacking self-care and everyone is pulling you in a million different directions. Our issue is, most of the time, you look like it too. The stress shows on your face and body and if you are caring for everyone else, then who’s caring for you?

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A great man for you would be one whose love language is Acts of Service so he will take pleasure in taking things off your plate. Look for someone who has a heart of gold. Maybe he volunteers in the community, fraternity, church, or he’s passionate about a specific cause and acts on it. This type of man genuinely cares about others whether it’s friends or family so it will be second nature for him to pitch in and treat you like a queen and he will understand when you need a break.

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Loves to have a great time and often you are the center of attention. Everyone seems to gravitate toward you. The challenge can be that men with a more laid back personality don’t see how they can fit in with all the commotion.

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A compliment for you would be a man who is ok with playing the background because he is confident in himself. Often that comes with you reassuring him that he is more than enough and even doting on him in public. He may not have the outgoing personality (and really is there room in the spotlight for 2 of you anyway?) but he can love you up when you’re together and enjoy seeing you be the Belle of the Ball. Usually he’s sitting in the corner smiling in awe of you.

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You are someone who is super conservative and definitely concerned about what friends, colleagues, and family might think. You are more focused on having a man who has a certain status in life, gone to a top school, has stellar credit and earning potential. People may view you as stuffy and only the very best will do. Our concern is, we feel this makes up a slim percentage of the population and you are missing out on some gems that you may have overlooked.

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Someone who is a hard worker and may have climbed the corporate ladder over time is a good fit.  His peers and family respect him.  He may or may not have gone to a top school but he is intelligent and has loads of common sense.  This man should also be fun because more likely, you could use some fun in your life.  He would force you to relax and smell the roses and add some spontaneity in your life. 

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You are go a with the flow type of woman, non-judgmental, and usually a risk taker.  You will usually try anything once and if you like it, you may try it again. People usually feel comfortable talking to you and sharing their inner darkest secrets, as they feel safe.  Usually this woman is confidant in herself and liked by many because she can find the positives in just about anything or anyone.

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You usually move at a turtle’s pace and people have to earn your trust over a period of time.  The issue with this is, men feel like you have a magnifying glass on them and any little thing they do, they will be punished or reprimanded.  You are usually holding onto experiences that happened in past relationships and often times, you don’t allow the new man a clean canvas. 

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For this type of woman we would suggest a man who has the right mix of persistence and patience.  Continue to work on yourself and show him what you’ve done to overcome your fears.  Usually a man that is in a Non Profit or Care Giving role is a good match.  He would most likely coach little league, maybe the social work profession or spend his free time volunteering and giving back. He’s familiar with being reassuring and has no problem reminding you he’s not that guy.

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You are someone who is very friendly with the fellas and trust quickly. You might be quickly labeled as loose or even the homegirl friend.  But you feel justified because your needs come first and you’re thinking, “what the heck, you only live once.” 

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You need a man whose is nonjudgmental, confident, and doesn’t care at all what others think. He’s comfortable in his decision-making and he has a desire to flip from a leadership role at work to extremely laid back after 5 and on weekends.  A woman who is too stuffy won’t work for him at all.

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So which woman are you? Have you opened your mind a bit more than before? We certainly hope this helps dispel any preconceived notions of what type of man you think you many want vs. the type of man you need. Keep in mind, he doesn’t have to be exactly like you to produce a healthy, happy relationship.  Now that you have his description, go back and think of any great guys you may have overlooked who might be right under your nose.  If so, call him up and say hello! You can also start new conversations with potential great matches and steer the conversations to uncover if he fits the mold! As always, let us know how it goes! 

Here’s to LOVE!

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