It has to be said: Sis, you just survived one of the most challenging years in human history. Now it’s time for you to receive double for your journey and to come up with a strategy to make this year legendary. After all, you haven’t pushed through a global pandemic to hold on to habits that keep you stagnant. If we can make it through a worldwide health crisis, financial uncertainty and political chaos, then we can face everything that’s coming—all while creating the life we’ve always dreamed of.

Before turning 25, I had battled cancer, been laid off in the midst of a recession and discovered I was the other woman in a new relationship. My setbacks taught me early on the importance of picking up the pen to intentionally create the life we desire.

No matter the circumstances, you can arrive at your beautiful future through declarations and actions. Mine have gotten me a life-coaching company, Shine Army, with clients on five continents; a book sold around the world; an interview with Oprah Winfrey in her backyard; and a first-class flight to South Africa as a motivational speaker.

Everybody can be a master manifester, as we author our thoughts and make decisions that either move us forward or pull us back. You didn’t make it through 2020 to not live a life that excites you. It’s time to graduate from just getting by and enter the thrive zone.

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Charreah K. Jackson (@Charreah), an author, coach and former Senior Editor of ESSENCE, is committed to supporting leaders to be legendary.