These Three Women Created A Program That Changed My Life and They Want to Help You Get Unstuck Too
Courtesy of Evok Life
The three best friends and managing partners behind Evók Life by Design, are coming for you and you don’t even know it. The high-powered trio is sparking a movement, an awakening of sorts, that’s shifting the consciousness of African-American women, giving us permission to break out of social constructs to help us live in alignment with the lives we desire. The program is designed to engineer the abstract concepts of spirit, science and reality into the most potent and practical tools to help sisters literally and figuratively evók life by design. Being is the new doing™ is their clarion call. Simply put, a busy life doesn’t equal a meaningful, happy or successful life. Who are you being? is the question they want us to ask ourselves. They are nudging Black women toward a life where we deeply enjoy everyday moments and break the cycle of doing, enduring and escaping—where we grind until we burnout and then escape to justified indulgences. To understand the magic that the Evok program strives to help you create, you have to understand the three amazing women who created it — Radiah Rhodes, Dr. Roni Ellington and Tawana Bhagwat. Radiah Rhodes, a wife and mother of two, recently left a nearly two-decade career as an industrial engineer and project manager to focus full-time on building the Evók brand. “Most people never suspect it, but five years ago I was holed up in a corner on the floor in my bedroom praying, meditating, crying and typing, trying to figure out how to find and hold on to happiness,” Rhodes shared. “I had done everything I knew to do about work, about being a wife, about being a mother and I could not find myself in all of the turmoil.” When her father posed the question, “Who are you?,” it ignited something deep within. Rhodes began to understand that she had trained herself to be an expert at doing and problem solving at work and at home, but couldn’t figure out who she was being. From this self-exploration and months of designing an analytical approach to personal transformation she now calls BEprinting™, the Evók Life by Design concept was born. Rhodes’ fellow founder, Dr. Roni Ellington, is a mother, inspirational speaker, executive coach, STEM education scholar and associate professor of math education at Morgan State University, who has spent the last 18 years cultivating her skills as a scholar, spiritual practitioner and personal development expert. With her thousand-watt smile and oh-so honest approach, Dr. Ellington has helped scores of women get clear, establish peace and realize their dreams. “You always know what’s in your best interest, you just have to get out of your own way to see it,” explained Dr. Ellington. “I am laser sharp at asking the questions that give you the space and open the door for you to actually acknowledge what you already know but don’t see.” Dr. Ellington believes clarity is the ultimate transformative experience. “When you get clear, you can get moving and get unprecedented results in your life.” Tawana Bhagwat, agrees, and also teamed up with Rhodes and Ellington to make their dream a reality. Bhagwat is a married mother of four, organizational leader and has been an executive coach for over 20 years. She is masterful at helping women declutter their past, grasp opportunities and gain proper perspective of their potential for greatness. Her philosophy is: ‘No broken women on my watch.’ (Let the church say, amen.) You feel every bit of this philosophy when Bhagwat, an accomplished change agent and strategic planner, steps into a room. When she looks you in the eye and calls you on the lies you tell yourself, you feel compelled to avert your gaze because looking your own truth in the face is often difficult. But she helps you work through the difficulties to find your way to an elevated way of thinking and being. The light comes on and you want to hug her as though she were that long lost friend who’s been holding onto your secrets since childhood. These poised, smart and strategic women discover our greatest potential and lovingly hold space for us to step into our new truth. Taking an Evók masterclass, participating in a BEprint™ workshop or even engaging with the trio via Evók digital and social media platforms, you gain a profound sense that they have the natural ability to pull greatness from every corner of a woman’s soul. The warm feeling of sisters supporting sisters in the most life-affirming way possible is ever-present. “We recognize the needs of many African-American women because we too have struggled with some of the same challenges,” said Rhodes. “We are not interested in short-term fixes for our sisters. We’re locking arms and helping women create authentic lives for themselves so they can pass this new way of being along to their husbands and partners, and onto their sons and daughters. We’re bringing spirit, science and reality to the table and we want our sisters to know that we’re in it for the long haul.” These women are leaning on years of engineering and mathematics, energy work and life coach expertise to shift the paradigm. They are helping a multitude of women recognize where we’re stuck—in frustrating careers, disheartening relationships and a host of situations where we yearn for more. They are blessed with an ethereal combination of business savvy, thought leadership and down-home authenticity and bring the most powerful experiences of clarity, intention and accountability to women who already have good lives, but are hungry to live and lead with vitality, purpose and profound peace in a world of competing priorities and demands. In the three years since launching the business, Rhodes, Ellington and Bhagwat have worked with individual clients from California to Europe, and a host of corporate clients including McCormick & Company and General Motors. Rhodes recently wrote a book aptly titled, Being Is The New Doing: A Divine Guide to Owning Your Energy, Time, and Peace of Mind. In the book which has an official release date of January 8, 2018, Rhodes shares her personal journey toward well-being and outlines a simple and practical framework for how to become consciously aware of who you really are to create the life that’s calling you. Their brand is positioned for seven-figure earnings in 2018, and it’s preparing women for the ultimate glow up by guiding us to expand our creativity and our capacity to design extraordinary results in life and business. Their magic happens through group workshops, masterclasses, virtual seminars, corporate training and a host of tools, products and services, including a DIY subscription box and well-being planning systems. At the end of January 2018, they are adding Caribbean retreats to their portfolio of services, hosting the first-ever Destination BEprint™ retreat at The Beach House Grand Cayman Marriott Resort on Grand Cayman Island. Click here for more information about Evók Life By Design and to pre-order Being Is The New Doing: A Divine Guide to Owning Your Energy, Time, and Peace of Mind by Radiah Rhodes. Leslie Gordon is a writer and the creator of Get Your Sol []. Follow her on Twitter: @LeslieWritesNow and @GetYourSolNow.

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