7 Handy Products That Will Help You Reach Your Weight Loss and Healthier Eating Goals

Lauren Porter Jan, 11, 2018

New year, new you, right? These products are helpful for healthier living. 

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Just because you're trying to drop a few pounds, that doesn't mean you can't have a sweet treat (or two) in moderation. This fruit soft serve machine instantly turns frozen fruits into "ice cream" without all of the added junk, like fats, sugar, and preservatives. Winning!

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With discreet guiding lines in the bowl, you'll never eat more than you mean to. 

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Once you've meal prepped, pack your lunch to go in these portion control plates that help prevent overeating and encourage a higher intake of vegetables. That's the ticket!

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Never throw away another zip top plastic bag with these reusable storage bags. Pack only what you can eat and store and it's guaranteed to be a purchase you (and your stomach) will appreciate! 

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On movie nights, to ensure that you don't overindulge in popcorn, try this solo single serving popcorn maker that will make enough just for you and you alone. 

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Customize your lunch with this stackable storage compartment. Think of the product as the perfect portion control tower of power!

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Who said you can't enjoy a little wine while you diet and dine. With this glassware, which comes in a set of 2, can you help you manage your caloric intake for the nights when you just can't resist a good ol' glass of wine. Treat yourself, girl!