A Month-to-Month Guide To The 12 Trips Every Black Woman Should Take In 2017

Your guide to where and when to go find your vacation bliss in 2017.

Soul Society 101 Jan, 02, 2017

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Cuba travel is all the rage right now. With the US-Cuban relations at one of the best points that it’s been in decades, there are direct flights back and forth that you should take advantage of! Vintage cars, preserved culture, historical buildings and so much more await you. There are some rules and restrictions to traveling to Cuba for tourism, so make sure you do your research when you book that ticket. The sunny weather and cooler temperatures in Janaury make it a winning choice to start the year.

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“Sweet, Sweet, T&T.” Trinidad carnival (2/27-2/28) is the largest carnival in the Caribbean. Over 50,000 visitors join local revelers as they pour into the streets filled with bright colors, feathers, fun-loving locals and more. The partying is on another level. Right after Trinidad carnival, the sister island of Tobago is known as the “cool down,” so make it a dual trip and enjoy the perfect beaches and relaxing vibe that Tobago has to offer in February.

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Visit your dream destination in Italy right before peak season to avoid ridiculous lodging expenses. Walk your way through the nooks and secret hideaways of Rome and explore down the Amalfi Coast, taking in the local cuisines and sites in each region.

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Cherry blossom season in Tokyo is enough to make your Instagram dreams come true. Streets are lined with beautiful pink and purple tree tops that make the futuristic city of Tokyo just a little more dreamy. It’s also just warm enough to begin enjoying walking the streets and enjoying everything that Tokyo has to offer, from ancient temples and shrines, to shopping, to amazing food and more.

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Amsterdam is just starting to warm up in the month of May. Known for having some of the most radiant flowers in the world, after the rainy season in March/April is the perfect time to visit. Walk (or better yet, bike) the old streets, take a canal tour of the city and take in all the local culture and shopping. Even better, take a day trip outside of the city and really explore the rural side of Holland.

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Truthfully, anytime during the summer is the perfect time to visit Martha’s Vineyard. Think lobster rolls, cozy clothes and lazy strolls. The island comes to life with seasonal ice cream shops and outdoor bars, street festivities and more. It’s the perfect local summer getaway and you’ll find the Black folks beachside in Oaks Bluff.

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Summer is humid in The Big Easy but the liveliness of the streets make up for it all. Become enchanted with the culture, live music and delicious eats and drinks or, of course, come for ESSENCE Festival and July 4th Weekend, and enjoy your favorite artists rocking the stage at the Superdome each night, tons of free seminars, workshops and celebrity appearances throughout the day and so much more.

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Caribana Caribbean Carnival and Drake’s OVO weekend and both typically take place the same weekend in early August in Toronto. That means no matter if you’re into the latest reggae and soca, or want to turn up to trap, there’s at least 5 parties each night for you to choose from. The best part is, even though Toronto is in Canada, it’s a hop skip and jump of a flight from the Northeast U.S.

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If you need a quick domestic trip in the Fall, the entire New England area is unmatched in its beauty and allure. Indulge in some of the best seafood of your life and take in the Fall foliage with an abundance of trees ranging from auburns and deep reds to golden browns and yellows.

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Have you ever dreamed of seeing aurora borealis, better known as, the Northern Lights? Well October starts off peak season to catch them. Not to mention, the weather is Iceland in October is typically still tolerable vs. going when in the dead of winter when you may be too cold to even enjoy it. But seriously, Iceland has so much to offer, from great food and sites, to warm people and believe it or not, partying!

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Visiting Durban is quite the cultural experience for those wanting to visit the motherland. Connecting with local South Africans, enjoy local entertainment and most importantly one of a kind cultural exchange. It’s guaranteed to be one of the best trips of your life. Meet Zulu tribe members, shop until you drop and, on your down time, have some lazy beach time on the breathtaking beaches.

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New Year’s is an exciting time on the Caribbean island of Grenada. You can opt for a resort stay on Grand Anse beach where you can ring in the new year in 80+ degree weather as the Caribbean sea laps at your feet. Or, on the other hand, some of the top DJs around the world come to play massive parties in Grenada around the Holidays so you can make it a turn up time and come back home with a tan and memories that you’ll never forget.