6 Trips Every Woman Should Take In Her Lifetime (And How To Prepare For Them)

Traveling is good for the mind, body and spirit. Here are the trips every woman should take at least once in her lifetime. It's time to pack your bags!

Lauren Porter Feb, 21, 2017

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Every woman should take some time and enjoy the world all on her own. Book a trip and travel to a destination your heart has always been drawn to. Whether it's domestic or international, splurging on a little "me" time is an investment that will be worthwhile for the rest of your days.

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Before you go, this Tumi carry-on suitcase is the perfect splurge item that will be well-worth the investment. Not only is it a sleek and easy piece of hardwear, it's lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver and handle every step of the way. Go 'head girl, treat yourself!

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Time for a girls trip! Call all your friends and carve out some calendar time to make memories that will last a lifetime. Set your sights on a weekend (or weeklong) getaway that involves all the fun stuff you all have been dying to do. Get massages, hangout poolside, enjoy all the magical eats that the destination has to offer. Soak up the sun and cast away your worries with the people you love.

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Book an amazing stay at the Miraval Resorts in Arizona for a weekend trip to remember. With a getaway package for ladies only, it's the perfect wellness experience for an amazing retreat.

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It’s time for you and the one you love to spend some alone time just one-on-one. Get out of the confines of your normal routine with each other and kick things up a notch. Plan a trip for just the two of you and take something sexy to spice things up. Try a couples toy to make the days and nights of your bae-cay special.

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Want to steam things up while you and bae are away? Hang a sign on the door and make things steamy.

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If you’re fortunate to still have your mom around, take a trip with her while you can. Soak up for knowledge, love and wisdom during time well spent for just the two of you. Go somewhere she’s always wanted, return to a place you have fond memories of from childhood or travel to a place that takes both of you out of your comfort zone and try something new.

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Capture a snapshot of each and every moment with mom and have it print out right on the spot! Put away your phone and pull out your polaroid to collect a snapshot of precious moments you'll be able to hold on to forever. 

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Not every trip has to be booked with leisure in mind. Take some time off to do some good by going on a mission trip. Whether you’re visiting an community and neighborhood to give back or embarking on a spiritual retreat, doing something to restore your soul while helping others is always a good idea.

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Writing is therapeutic and while spending a few days away, jotting down your thoughts, feelings and activities is a great way to keep track of a life-changing experience.

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Whether it's annual or once every few years, a family vacation is a great way to recharge and recenter with the core of your life. Go somewhere educational for the kids or have a little fun that everyone can enjoy. But remember to disconnect from the mundane tasks of home life, turn off your cellphone and focus in on what's important. Did you know taking a vacation has health benefits for the whole family: It reduces stress and anxiety, promotes heart health, encourages positive emotion and improves relationships with your spouse and your children. If that's not good enough incentive to book a family vacation, what is?!

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There's not a place that can bring the whole family together quite like Disney World can! It can truly be the happiest place on Earth for your family.