<p>Everything You Need To Know About Traveling Solo</p>


Ever thought about traveling alone, but didn’t quite have the guts to just do it?

In this ESSENCE Now segment, we gathered a group of fearless women for their tips on how to plan a great solo vacation. Style expert Patrice J. Williams said the first trip she took by herself happened after a friend backed out of their girls trip.

“It did not start out with me intentionally wanting to [travel] alone, but now I love it! And I just book flights left and right by myself, and if someone comes, then hey. But if not, oh well,” she said. 

But what about safety?

Williams and the other panelists—ESSENCE’s Cori Murray and Luxe Life Media’s Christina Rice—say women should use common sense when traveling, just as they would at home. Williams also advised women to dress with safety in mind.

“I make sure that I’m not wearing a lot of fancy, sparkly jewelry,” she explained.”