Black Travel Vibes: This Couple’s Tokyo Trip Was Out Of This World
Photo Credit: @ptpassages

There are few cities on the planet that combine the past and the future, Tokyo is one of them. Japan’s fast-paced capital is home to ancient shrines, giant buddhas, robot restaurants, and futuristic skyscrapers, all blending together seamlessly throughout the city.

Tokyo is a destination where you can literally see your future, just ask jetsetter Dr. Amanda Brimmage (@ptpassages). On a recent trip to the “Land of the Rising Sun,” Amanda’s future became bright beyond her wildest dreams when her boyfriend, Dr. Julian Dudley, promised her the world and proposed while visiting Disneyland.

While you might not end up someone’s Mrs. or Mr. on your getaway, Tokyo is still a destination so out of this world and ahead of its time that it will leave you fascinated, and making plans to return for more. Check out our guide to the city and curate your own Japanese journey to the future.

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