Thank You, Naomi Campbell, For Upgrading My Travel Life With This Simple Item
Photo Credit: Naomi Campbell/IG

I know you’ve seen it. The video of supermodel Naomi Campbell disinfecting the life out of her seat area on a recent flight. From baggage bin to television screens, Campbell attempted to kill every germ in sight and I know Caribbean people all over the world cackled in glee (I know I did) when she pulled out Dettol wipes to do it.

As a frequent flyer myself, cleaning my seat area on a flight is not foreign to me, after all, people can be downright filthy on airplanes. I also enjoy an inflight beauty routine that has me looking fresh and ready to hit the ground running when I land. Looks like Naomi and I think alike.

But there was one thing she did during her pre-flight ritual that caught my attention, and it was so simple that I’m mad at myself for not thinking of it first.

She put a seat cover on her airplane seat. Bruh, that was it. A seat cover!

For all the cleaning I’ve done on flights, including wiping down the seat, it never occurred to me to also protect myself from those pesky germs by simply covering the seat. With summer travel still in full swing, I set out to find my own stylish seat cover and stumbled upon NiceSeats. Talk about a game-changer.

Using these seat covers is just as simple as Naomi made it seem. Just pull it out, pop it over the seat, tuck it in nice and neat, and enjoy your flight worry-free. The covers come in a variety of styles and are made from comfortable, hypoallergenic, 100% machine washable materials.

You can choose from Standard Brushed Cotton ($45), Italian Linen ($48), and First and Business Class covers ($55) made from luxurious poly-silk fabric.

Personally, I wanted to pretend I was a supermodel myself (minus the coins for pricey first-class seats) so I opted for a magenta color similar to the one used in the video. And ya’ll, I’ve been delivert. My travel game has totally been upgraded, and between Dettol wipes and NiceSeats, I feel more comfy and germ-free on flights.

So thank you Naomi Campbell for changing my entire travel experience. The rest of the world may have thought you were crazy, but we both know that you were crazy like a fox, and now with these NiceSeats covers, we can both fly like the bougie travelistas we are.


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