Get Lost: 72 Hours in St. Vincent
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When travelers think of visiting the Caribbean, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is hardly a destination on their list. These southern Caribbean islands are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. With their lush mountains and black sand beaches, St. Vincent & the Grenadines indigenous name, ‘Hairoun,’ meaning ‘Land of the Blessed’ speaks to the lively and gracious Vincentian spirit that can only be felt. Here’s how you can have a fun, fulfilling 72-hour “Vincy” experience.

Day 1: Welcome to Kingstown, St. Vincent

Get ready for a whirlwind of fun as you fly into the sleek, new St. Vincent Argyle International Airport (SVD) that officially opened February 2017. Most visitors must take a flight with a major airline to a connecting hub such as St. Lucia, Barbados or Trinidad then take a connecting flight with Caribbean Airlines or LIAT into SVD. Grab a taxi with one of the friendly faces greeting you upon your departure from the airport terminal for an easy 20-minute transfer to Paradise Beach Hotel.

Nestled in the middle of the shores on Villa Beach, Paradise Beach Hotel offers an intimate beach accommodation for your tropical getaway. On your first day, settle into your oceanfront room or throw your bags down, put on your swimsuit, and go for a quick dip in the cool, refreshing waters of beachside pool. Next, head to the on-site restaurant and bar to take in the majestic red and orange hues of the Vincentian sunset. Enjoy this breathtaking view as you sip on a glass of St. Vincent Sunset Rum Punch (one sip will kick your vacation into high gear).

Day 2: Get Lost in the Island’s Beauty

Rise and shine to the beauty of St. Vincent! After a hearty Vincy breakfast of fried bakes and saltfish, get ready to explore the island’s lush, tropical landscape. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you can experience the best of what the main island has to offer.

Take a full-day island tour of St. Vincent to feel the cool, thunderous showers of Dark View Falls spill onto your shoulders. Discover the tropical trees & flowers found in St. Vincent Botanical Gardens, the oldest botanical gardens in the Western Hemisphere with its sprawling grounds. While you’re there, have a quick chat with the island’s national bird, the St. Vincent Parrot.

For lunch, head to Rick Nick’s Café in Kingstown for the best roast pork on the island along with other mouthwatering options such as shrimp roti, grilled fish, carrot rice, macaroni pie and more. Wash it all down with a Hairoun Beer. Next, uncover the secrets of the historical landmark Fort Charlotte. This British-colonial era fort is built on a hill overlooking the harbor with a panoramic view of the Leeward side of the island.

If you’re seeking a bit of adventure, hike any of the island famous trails or climb your way up the famous La Soufriere volcano. The word ‘soufriere’ is a French word that means sulfur outlet and this active volcano is responsible for the island’s captivating black sand beaches. 

The wild beauty of Sandy Bay, on the north east of St. Vincent. A fishing boat is out of the water. Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Back to your hotel, freshen up and recharge before heading back into town to Flow Wine Bar & Kitchen. Good food, good music, good wine, and good drinks make a night out here the perfect end to day two in St. Vincent.

Day 3: Explore the 32 Islands & Cays of The Grenadines

St. Vincent and The Grenadines is famous for sailing and yachting with 32 islands and cays ripe for exploring. Hop on a ferry for an easy day-trip to the island of Bequia (beck-way). A three-hour island tour with Gideon Taxi is all you need to see the most of this pristine island in the Grenadines.

Find yourself ascending to the highest peak, Mount Peggy where on a clear day all of St. Vincent can be seen and even Grenada are visible in the distance across the ocean. Next, stop in at La Pompe, a small village on the east coast and home to the island’s whaling museum. This attraction features exhibits on the island’s boat building and whaling history (located on Belmont Road, free entry).

Stop for lunch at Jack’s Beach Bar before heading to the beach. Enjoy freshly caught seafood, an eclectic menu based on local ingredients and a variety of exquisite cocktails that are sure to hit the spot.

Laze around for the remainder of the afternoon on Princess Margaret Beach. Named after the British princess who stopped there for a dip in the 1950s, the water here is the bluest of blues, clear and calm and the ideal place to relax before jumping on the ferry to head back to Kingstown.


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