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[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] My name is Kashmir Compton. Creatively, I like to describe myself as just a visual artist. I do Literally all types of art. My art kind of focuses around Black pop culture, some recent stuff, a lot of retro designs inspired by like the 80s and 90s Black pop culture. I literally draw inspiration from like every, Sometimes I might hear something that reminds me of the image in my head that I should draw or even just like a commercial on TV, literally from everywhere. When I am traveling with my artwork, I always have a bunch of stuff with me and I always [MUSIC] in the trunk space. I'm usually using both of my hands so one of my favorite Ford Escape features is the foot activated lift gate. To be able to just kick my foot under the bumper and have the lift gate automatically open That's the perfect go to feature for me. One of the things that I love about Atlanta is I get more bang for my buck and I'm able to have a home where I have my own studio and a home where I have more space. [MUSIC] To do what I want to do with my art. Directions to 400 Edgewood Avenue. Getting directions to 400 Edgewood Avenue Southeast, Atlanta [MUSIC] There is literally street art everywhere in Atlanta. It's just really a bright and vibrant city when it comes to the art that you can see on a lot of buildings. Everything from really detailed large scale portraits to graffiti and more so street art is really a huge mixture of all different types of art. Now we're headed to Artlanta, which is awesome at giving young creatives a A place to be admired, a place to do what we like. I'm very, very happy and gracious that the Fort decided to select me for the project. I really think that this is a great opportunity to really showcase what Atlanta has to offer and what Atlanta is about.
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