Black Travel Vibes: Discover Sunken Treasures In The Solomon Islands
Photo Credit: @travelingtheworldwithromaine

Social media might have you thinking that the travel road is worn out, but that’s far from true. Beyond the trending destinations lies untouched, hidden wonders just waiting to be discovered – and the Solomon Islands is one of them.

No ritzy, instagrammable resorts to be found here, the Solomon Islands is truly one of the world’s purest adventures. Hikes on volcanic islands, lush forests with trees the color of emeralds, colorful coral reefs perfect for snorkeling and shipwrecks that will leave divers in awe, are just a few of the treasures waiting for you when you arrive. Recently Jamaican globetrotter Romaine (@travelingtheworldwithromaine) visited the Solomon Islands as part of his quest to visit every country in the world and we took notice.

Romaine’s visit to his 150th country was filled with mindblowing moments that had us ready to catch a flight to join him. Check out his gorgeous photos, take notes from our exclusive guide and discover the beauty of the Solomon Islands for yourself.

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