Black Travel Vibes: This Luxurious Kenyan Safari Is Anything But Basic
Photo Credit: @debrakillingo

The continent is home to many exciting and wonderful adventures that are sought after by travelers from across the globe. Almost anyone that has ever dreamed of visiting Africa, surely has a safari experience on their bucket list. And if they don’t, they should.

Kenya is one African country travelers flock to to explore the Maasai Mara National Reserve. However, there are other safari adventures to experience within Kenya’s vast borders, and for jetsetters with discerning taste, there’s only one place to go: Segera Retreat in the heart of Laikipia.

Never heard of it before? Lucky for you, Kenyan cool girls like Silvia Njoki (@silvianjoki) are always on the hunt for what’s hot and next, and she didn’t mind sharing her recent visit to one of Kenya’s most exciting and exclusive destinations with us. Check out our tips and photos from Silvia’s luxurious getaway to see why this safari was anything but basic.

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